Band: ZKHR

CD Title: Ride

Website: https://zkhr.bandcamp.com/album/ride

Label: Independent Release (2019)

Rating: Intriguing and Haunting Instrumental vignettes



This was something that came out of the blue. A multi-instrumentalist who records under the nameZKHR with what appears to be his third release simply entitled Ride. Itís a very short but somewhat intense listen, eight short instrumental compositions that total just under thirty minutes of music. We hear various stringed instruments like violins and cellos which are then augmented with electric guitars, keyboards, piano and some subtle drumming. The overall tome is very moody, somber, dreamy, and atmospheric even. Sounds are created and layered upon by other sounds, sometimes building into cacophonous mayhem and other times just floating through sonic space. These are very much like audio experiments designed to capture a mood and replay it over and over again. These sonic vignettes could in many ways form the soundtrack for a black and white film that implies something bad is going to happen only you donít quite know what it is or when it might happen. Itís music that leaves you hanging, suspended. At times I was reminded of Meddle era Pink Floyd and I say that in a good way. The only thing different here is that the use of mostly acoustic instruments brings out a very organic quality and accomplishes a Tangerine Dream effect without the use of ďcoldĒ electronics. For all of its haunting qualities the music on Ride, manages to convey a warmness, even a tenderness that in small doses is quite captivating. Very intriguing.