Band: Twelfth Night

CD Title: Fact and Fiction: The Definitive Edition

Website: http://twelfthnight.info

Label: F2 Music (2018)

Rating: Brilliantly remastered sound with loads of extras


F2 Music continues its excellent ongoing handsome repackaging of the music of Twelfth Night here with the band’s first official studio album Fact and Fiction. I remember distinctly like it was yesterday, getting the vinyl album in the mail and being energized while listening to it realizing that there was a growing new movement of Progressive Rock bands. Twelfth Night often referred to their music as “punk-floyd” and it was clear they sounded very different in their own way from their contemporaries and that’s what I liked about the band. All of that and more is detailed on these three discs. This was an album recorded in the summer of 1982 and it shows a band very comfortable in their own musical skin. This was material they’d been performing for some time and so it comes across as very polished and fleshed out. On the original album the sound may have been a bit thin in the mix but all of that is rectified here as the sound is brilliant. It’s wonderful to see F2 Music give the album the sonic treatment it deserves. All of that said this is still very much a period piece both in terms of performance and instrumental sound. It sounds like an album from the mid-eighties, but to my ears that’s what makes it so great. Twelfth Night for my money rank right up there with the Marillions and the IQs of the eighties Progressive Rock revival. This Definitive Edition comes with three CDs: Disc 1 is the full studio album with some contemporary singles released by the band, Disc 2 is Live versions recorded between 1983 and 2012 and Disc 3 is a unique covers disc with a wide variety of artists providing their own takes on the Twelfth Night material. All-in-all this is a must have for fans of the band, but Prog I have to think Prog fans in general will want to have this in the collection as it’s like a musical missing-link in a very important time in the history of Progressive Rock. Recommended.