Band: Subsignal

CD Title: La Muerta

Website: www.subsignalband.com

Label: Gentle Art of Music (2018)

Rating: Melodic Prog with wonderful symphonic touches


Munich, Germany based band Subsignal are back on the scene with their fifth studio album and its entitled La Muerta. I would describe the musical approach here as heavy-ish prog mixed with melodic prog. Itís kind of like taking the best parts of the U.S. band Ambrosia and mixing it with the nineties German band Everon. Put those two bands in a blender and you get the music of Subsignal here on La Muerta. None of the songs are overly long, most are around four or five minutes and yet weíre treated to wonderfully grand introductions with huge swells of music before each transitions into the song proper. Great melodies abound, hummable parts that appear just frequently enough to never wear out their welcome. Many of these songs avoid ordinary or traditional arrangements which allows for plenty of musical off-shoots and change-ups, all of which breathes life into what might otherwise be a ďsimple song.Ē Itís interesting how, to my ear at least; these songs are sung in such a powerful manner and yet come off as very commercially pleasing. Itís the musical performance in-between however that keeps things squarely in the proggy realm. And that works for me. As for instrumentation, once again La Muerta hits all the right marks; great balance between acoustic and electric guitars, plenty of great keyboard lead lines and subtle layers of symphonic orchestration. Iíd suggest if you like the music of the bands mentioned above or others like RPWL or even Spockís Beard, youíll really enjoy the music of Subsignal. Highly recommended.