Band: *.* (Star Period Star)

CD Title: Daylight Spending Time

Band Website: www.cropcirclecollective.com

Label: Independent Release (2018)

Rating: An intriguing mix of Alt-Prog and Avant-Prog


It took quite a few years for *.* (Star Period Star) to release their last album, Canít See the Forest, but they were much quicker to put out their newest disc, Daylight Spending Time. And itís a mighty worthy follow-up. The disc features nine compositions with the whole set clocking in at forty-two minutes. This is music that often defies a comprehensive description. Yes, it falls in the Prog genre by virtue of the fact that itís always shifting in time, tempo, musical dynamics and arrangements, even while it pushes the genre envelope when it comes to the actual music being made. This isnít youíre sweet and lovely symphonic prog by any stretch of the imagination, rather the music of *.* has more in common with Alt-Prog and Avant-Prog. Think of bands like French TV and Univers Zero. Itís common here to go from some punk rock or aggressive styled riffing to then suddenly shift into a series of intricate and sometimes even melodic cascading musical triads that either transition to the tuneís next musical segment or take it in another whole direction. At other times they incorporate some crunchy guitar riffing that reappears in a song while the intersecting music is more Alt-Rock in nature. Hey thereís even a hint of psychedelia in the lead guitar lines. Strangely it all comes together in a very satisfying manner. Itís quite breathtaking in that it usually involves plenty of notes and a complex performance to make it all happen. So as on their previous disc, itís hard to Pidgeon hole these guys. And thatís just fine by me. At the risk of repeating myself, the music of *.* rocks, it rolls and then it does a lot of other very proggy inspired things too! This is a very worthy follow-up and well worth checking out.