Band: Tilted Axes

CD Title: Music For Mobile Electric Guitars

Website: http://patrickgrant.com/tiltedaxes.html  

Label: Independent Release (2016)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5


Tilted Axes is the brainchild of composer and performer Patrick Grant and takes the talents of eight guitarists and a drummer to create arty musical experiments that are full of energy and melody. It’s an interesting musical experiment that works really well. The album is a full seventy-four minutes containing seventeen compositions most in the three to five minute range featuring all manner of guitar and bass lead lines all arranged in layers crafting a full and very orchestral sound. The promo material says “it combines the energy of rock, the creative discipline of theatre and the experimental spirit of the NYC arts scene.” Fair enough but in trying to describe the music of Tilted Axes one is easily perplexed as some of these instrumental tunes come off as wonderful, melodic little pop styled vignettes and others take on a far more experimental feel. Compare for example “The Tilted Axes Theme” [3:12] which is the former and “Peddle Swells” [3:38] which is very much the latter. This collection of compositions feels very much like a well-executed musical experiment featuring layer upon layer of guitar lines each filling the space in perfectly arranged fashion. Keyboards are nowhere in sight and in truth are not missed due to sheer number of melodic musical lines delivered by the different sounding guitars. File this one under the Art-Rock category and a very satisfying and unique listen as well.