Band: Telergy

CD Title: Hypatia

Website: www.telergymusic.com

Label: Independent Release (2015)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



Telergy is the brainchild of Robert McClung. He is the mastermind behind the concept and the music. And here on his third release, just as on the other two, he calls upon a stellar cast of musicians and singers to help him execute his musical vision. The who’s who is a long and illustrious list; I count sixty different individuals on the first page of his “The Players” pages. The album as mentioned is based on the story of Hypatia of Alexandria who was a great mathematician, astronomer, philosopher and teacher from ancient times who met a tragic demise in the year 415 AD. As such there are seventeen tracks on the disc, about sixty-three minutes of music. There are nine, what are called scenes where actors apply their voices to dramatize the key story plot points. The other musical tracks range in length from a short 2:45 to a more substantial 11:45. The music itself is all instrumental and tends to fall into the heavy symphonic style. It’s full of lush orchestration as times and heavy crunchy guitar at others. Think of artists such as Transiberian Orchestra or almost anything by Ayreon. These tend to be grand, epic compositions with huge swells of music, laid in at intersecting moments where the core music is rocking at a pretty good clip. At times the music gives off a very classical feel as it builds on the story’s emotional moments. Such is the case with a track like “Mathematician” [4:23] and then at other times a piece borrows more from bands like Emerson Lake and Palmer such as “Philosopher” [11:44] which features plenty of keyboard and guitar interplay. Like any album of this nature, much of your enjoyment will come from feeling some affinity for the story line, but setting that aside, there is some amazingly stirring and dramatic music on display that in many ways is classic orchestrated Progressive Rock. If that’s sounds like something up your alley I urge you to check out Telergy.