Band: The Star Diaries

CD Title: Summers in Andromeda

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Label: Independent Release

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Release Date: 2014


The idea of long-distance relationships has really come into play in the world of music. Kindred spirits miles apart are now able through technology to create music together. Such is the case with The Star Diaries where Jeff Fitzgerald (acoustic guitar, keyboards, synths, percussion, ektara, harmonium, electric guitar, vocals) and Dean Marino (electric guitar, bass, ghopi chand, percussion, backing vocals, programming) can live in separate Canadian cities, Edmonton and Toronto specifically and yet pool their creative talents to give us Summers in Andromeda. Borrowing elements of Space-rock and Psychedelia the duo have crafted a rather beguiling set of tunes.


There are seven compositions here, just under and hours’ worth of mostly instrumental music that manages to create some rather interesting moments. The two list influences ranging from Pink Floyd to Ozric Tentacles by way of Tangerine Dream. Mash all that together and you get the idea. The disc starts off with a couple of shorter tracks in the three or four minute range, track one “Transit through the Alamak System” [3:31] showing the Ozric influence with it’s steady , almost danceable rhythms, before flying headlong into the longest track, “Summers in Andromeda” [23:00] where the early Pink Floyd spacey-ness sets the tone in the opening three-minutes. The music of The Star Diaries is for the most part soothing and almost restful, even when they pick up the tempo the music flows smoothly from one musical idea to the next. A quick look at the instruments used and you might have a good idea of the general tone. What I liked about their music is that it can be both really electronic and really acoustic. It’s a blend of both musical pallets that makes this music so organic and listenable. It’s never overly sterile, if you know what I mean. There’s a strong sense of “the human touch” running through these pieces. 


Summers in Andromeda is the first full length album for the duo known as The Star Diaries and to my ears it should please prog fans of many musical tastes. The album is available at Bandcamp for download by donation so I would definitely urge you to check-em out and support them in whatever way you can. It’s great to see such intriguing new music coming out of Canada and The Star Diaries gets my support. Great stuff.