Band: Spirits Burning & Bridget Wishart

CD Title: Make Believe It Real

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Label: Gonzo Multimedia

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Release Date: 2014


Spirits Burning is the brainchild of keyboardist Don Falcone and he’s recently taken to creating music in cooperation with others and sharing the spotlight, most recently it was Clearlight and here it’s Bridget Wishart. The other thing you need to remember about Don Falcone is he likes to work with lots of musicians. In the case of Make Believe it Real there are over 35 players contributing their talents on different tracks. The spotlight, if there is one, shines on Wishart who’s wistful vocals are on each of these tracks along with her flute and synth playing. This is a two disc set that is really hard to label musically in part because there is so much variety on display.


Make Believe it Real features eleven tracks on disc one, 60-minutes, and another six tracks on disc two. To set the stage properly Spirits Burning likes to position themselves in the Space-rock genre with hints of dance, electronic, psychedelic and rock all mixing it up. A number of the musicians come from the Gong family which inevitably creates a certain musical flavor. Sound wise, tunes will go from spacey, ethereal sounds infused with echoes and electronic to more techno, steady-beat dance inspired material. At other times there is more of a psychedelic rock vibe happening with hints of everything from Hawkwind to Steve Hillage. It’s kind of all over the place and yet hangs together quite nicely around Wishart’s vocals. Most of the shorter, three, four or five-minute songs are structured in a traditional fashion but the longer songs like “Reflections” [14:15] have more musical change-ups.        


Make Believe it Real isn’t going to appeal to all Prog fans, in fact outside of dedicated Gong fans it may have a rather narrow appeal. That being said, given a chance the music created here is catchy and pleasing to the ear, and given its variety it will have good shelf life to those of you who give it a shot. So if you’re in the mood for something a little different with elements of familiarity you would do well to check out Spirits Burning & Briget Wishart.