Band: Star FK Radium

CD Title: Solitude Rotation

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Label: Independent Release

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Release Date: 2012


This is the second CD Iíve had the privilege of reviewing from a band called Star FK Radium and itís entitled Solitude Rotation. Elsewhere on this site you will find the review of their first disc Blue Siberia and like that one, the instrumental music this trio creates is quite mesmerizing. The three members of Star FK Radium are: Bill Martin (guitar), Matt Clark (drums) and Alissa Taylor (violin). In a musical world of ever blurring musical boundaries, the music of this band practically defies classification and yet itís also quite beautiful.


Solitude Rotation is made up of nine tracks once again, clocking in at a scant 30-minutes, but it is a very captivating 30-minutes none-the-less. The instrumental sound of the band is one that Iím quite sure will appeal to fans of whatís often referred to as Chamber Rock, the kind of music created by bands like Karda Estra. The music itself is restrained and kept to essentially the thee prime instruments. But what they may be lacking in terms of instruments they make up for in unusual arrangements. The music floats along, in a plaintive and even mournful manner, drawing the listener into a unique series of musical soundscapes. It can get quite mesmerizing. The interplay between the guitar and the violin propels these compositions along  


The music of Solitude Rotation at first glance wouldnít be something youíd think would appeal to prog fans and it probably wonít appeal to some. However there is something in the sound and style that will appeal to others. On the surface, no itís not a progressive rock album at all, however for those of you who appreciate the more subtle sounds instruments can make Star FK Radium will be a most enjoyable listening experience.