Band: SoulenginE

CD Title: Mind Colours

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Label: Ma.Ra. Cash Records

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Release Date: 2012


When it comes to symphonic prog, even symphonic prog with a very modern twist, we can always rely on the Italian bands to “deliver the goods.” A very quick listen to the new release from SoulenginE entitled Mind Colours will most certainly confirm that line of thinking. This quartet is made up of Ettore Salati (electric, acoustic, 12-strings and double-neck guitars, bass pedals, dulcimer), Fabio Mancin (Hammond organ, piano, Mellotron, Wurlitzer, Rhodes, Moog), Nando de Luca (electric, acoustic, fretless bass, acoustic guitars) and Giacomo Pacin (drums, percussion). Both Salati and Mancin have spent time in The Watch but the music they create here although in the same genre is very different.


Mind Colours is fifty-three minutes long consisting of ten mostly instrumental tracks displaying a classic early to mid-Genesis inspired symphonic prog. But in true Italian fashion, SoulenginE take that inspiration and add a hint more classical influences. Most of these compositions might be considered “longer” for Italian symphonic prog clocking in at anywhere from five, six or seven minutes. Compositions feature great guitar and keyboard interplay, fascinating starts and stops with lead lines dominated equally between the guitars and keyboards. Lush Mellotron and Hammond sounds provide ample accents or provide colour as transitions from one song element to the next. The music is busy and yet not overly so as they do take time for soft and delicate jazzy flavoured interludes. There is a lot going on as the musical and instrumental virtuosity is high. This is a band out to show they can play but within that they rarely lose sight of the tunes core melodies returning back-to-theme often within the composition’s confines. Did I mention these are instrumentals? Each track has ample musical change-ups, twists and turns, never staying in one place too long. They even delve into some pretty impressive jamming along the way.        


Mind Colours is a very well crafted set of tunes. SoulenginE can clearly play, and they play well together.  Needless to say if you enjoy symphonic prog with an Italian flavor I strongly recommend you investigate SoulenginE. Mind Colours features some great music and some excellent playing.