Band: The Piano Room

CD Title: 2084

Band Website: www.thepianoroom.it   

Label: Irma Records (2019)

Rating: Presents a Very Warm Electronic Feel


Going by the performance moniker The Piano Room, this is the music of Italian keyboard virtuoso Francesco Gazzara. The album entitled 2084 is a kind of “tribute” to George Orwell’s 1984, updated by a few years. The album proper consists of four tracks, about thirty one minutes of music, but there are also three bonus acoustic piano versions so everything comes in at fifty-six minutes. While the album is all instrumental it does have a literary inspiration and that’s the seventy year old book, 2084: The End Of The World by Boulaem Sansal. The other key inspiration was Anthony Phillip’s release of 1984. With a background in film music creation Gazzara’s compositional style is very flowing and melodic, projecting a kind of large canvas of imaginary images. He uses a host of analogue and digital keyboards to bring his musical ideas to fruition. Everything from Mellotrons and Polymoogs to Hammond B3s and the Sylenth digital synths can be heard. While the music is cleverly orchestrated in keeping with symphonic orchestration, there is a very real and vibrant electronic feel that runs through these compositions both in terms of keyboards but also the drum machines. That said the music retains a very warm and inviting feel, even though the subject matter may seem somewhat scary. My first listen had me thinking the sound was rather thin and superficial and yet the more I listened the more depth I came to hear and the more the repeating musical themes and motifs won me over. This is an extremely pleasant listen with musical substance. In my opinion, well worth checking out.