Band: Markus Reuter

CD Title: Falling for Ascension

Website: www.markusreuter.com  

Label: 7d Media Release (2017)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



This is the latest musical release from German-based composer and touch-guitarist Markus Reuter. Reuter is a guy who gets around playing or working with folks like Stick Men, Colorado Chamber Orchestra, Sonar and any number of musical team-ups. He’s one of those individuals who is brimming with musical ideas and always looking for ways to bring them to fruition. Speaking of Sonar, they’re the ones he’s making music with here on Falling for Ascension, a seventy minute musical exercise consisting of seven pieces named “Condition” I through VI and a closing twenty-two minute epic named “Unconditional.” Musically these compositions are hypnotic relying on riff-repetition and rhythmic grooves. So in each case, Reuter on his guitar sets up a core-riff that repeats over and over again, while underneath, textures, tones and electronic moods weave in and out of the audio-picture. The composition shifts ever so slightly from time to time, becoming just a bit edgier, just a little fuller in sound, just a little bit more intricate. These are not busy, complex musical compositions, rather all elements work in unison to create a mood which is then manipulated in some fashion. I mentioned it was hypnotic, and again because of the repetition it’s almost trance inducing, all the while given the nature of the groove it’s also foot-tapping: you could easily “dance” too much of the music here. It’s really intriguing stuff and I’d certainly recommend you check it out if you’re a fan of music that likes to live outside the mainstream.