Band: Perfect Beings

CD Title: perfect_beings

Band Website:

Label: My Sonic Temple

Release Date: 2014


Much has been written about how the internet has changed the world of music promotion and distribution. But itís also had a significant impact in how bands can be created. It was through the internet, specifically YouTube that the band Perfect Beings came into being. The five member band is made up of Ryan Hurtgen (vocals), Johannes Luley (guitars), Dicki Fliszar (drums), Chris Tristram (bass) and Jesse Nason (keyboards). This is an American band that pays polite homage to a wide range of Prog and Art Rock bands of the past as they craft a very uplifting symphonic prog on their first self-titled release.


More correctly identified as perfect_beings with all small letters and an underscore, the albumís lyrical content is inspired by the 2013 sci-fi novel 'Tj and Tosc' by Suhail Rafidi and its themes of transformation, self-identity, technology, and love in a post-apocalyptic world. And yet for all the ďheavinessĒ of the lyrical content the music provides a distinctly upbeat arty counterpoint. If I might generalize in the interest of describing,Perfect Beings sound like 10CC and Electric Light Orchestra coming together to make a distinctly symphonic prog album influenced by Yes. So what we have here are the major chord structures of the Art Rock subgenre combined with the intricacy of Symphonic Prog and I love it. Not overly long at just fifty-one minutes, the ten compositions are an assortment of tunes as short as 2:28 and as long as 9:21. The sound is equal parts acoustic and electric, pastoral and yet bold in perfect measure. At times the musical performance will revolve around lovely hummable melodies and then might just as easily jump to complex Yes-inspired guitar solos most notable on ďRemoval of the Identity ChipĒ [5:43]. Sprinkled throughout these compositions are wonderful little musical motifs that serve no other purpose than provide a transition from one musical theme to another. This gives the musical pallet a broad panoramic feel where thereís always some fresh and inviting musical element to be enjoyed. Whether itís a shorter well-crafted melodic tune or a more involved composition with long and winding passages of instrumental virtuosity, itís all on display on perfect_beings.     


Iím quite sure fans of the bands mentioned will find much to enjoy here. Perfect Beings offer an instantly enjoyable sound given its variety and depth. The bandís appeal will easily cross over from the Art Rock crowd to the Symphonic Prog crowd. Itís a wonderful disc with all the little elements prog fans have come to look for. The band have really done their homework and come up with a winner. Highly recommended.