Band: The Mute Gods

CD Title: Atheists and Believers

Website: www.themutegods.com   

Label: InsideOut Records (2019)

Rating: Still Good, but a “So-So” Follow-up



Atheists and Believers is studio album number three for the eclectic band known asThe Mute Gods. This is a band created primarily by Steve Hackett alumni Nick Beggs who is then assisted by Roger King and Marco Minnemann. On this release they have the musical input from guests such as Alex Lifeson, Rob Townsend, Craig Blundell and Beggs’ daughter Lula. Stylistically these ten tunes, which clock in at fifty-seven minutes, sit somewhere in between the worlds of Art Rock and Prog Rock. Most of these songs are in the three or four minute range, four are around six and the longest comes in at eight. This is music that has much in common with bands such as Kino, It Bites, Galahad or Sylvan. The music isn’t as complex or intricate as, say IQ, but it tends to be arranged with more depth than say Arena. On top of that it’s not overly heavy with the song set incorporating a few mellow tunes offering a nice range of musical feels. Lyrically Nick Beggs once again focuses his left-leaning Worldview on a wide range of contemporary topics. First and foremost this is an album of songs so the words often are a little “too on the nose” for my tastes but setting that complaint aside I do rather enjoy the music of The Mute Gods. I particularly like the vocal range and tone-style and how they work clever musical changeups into the structure of these compositions. They may be short but they remain interesting to listen to given their slightly unconventional compositional structure. All that said Beggs and company weave some excellent melodies throughout these tunes to get your foot tapping as well. For my money Atheists and Believers may not be as successful as their previous album Tardigrades Will Inherit the Earth but it’s far from a bad album. Fans of the bands mentioned above will likely find much to enjoy here.