Band: Not a Good Sign

CD Title: Icebound

Website: www.notagoodsign.org

Label: Independent Release (2018)

Rating: Inspired Italian Symphonic Prog



Just to make sure weíre on the same page, Not a Good Sign was born out of the joining of two far more adventurous and experimental bands coming together with the express purpose of creating an Italian inspired Symphonic Progressive Rock sound.Icebound is the bandís third album since 2012 and the band has been very active playing live wherever possible. Determined to keep their music fresh on each recording, fans will detect some slight changes to the bandís signature sound due in part to the bandís new guitarist. Icebound is made up of nine compositions, a mix of both vocals and some instrumentals with five of those tracks running over the seven minute mark. As before melodies are a key ingredient in the bandís musical tool-box both lyrically and instrumentally. But having said that theyíre certainly not afraid to touch the edges of music that is a bit more adventurous, or at least use that to link and join those more melodic moments together. It makes for a wonderful contrast, providing a kind of tension and release aspect to the music that makes everything all that much more satisfying. The music of Not a Good Sign is typified by long instrumental passages with strong guitar and keyboard interplay. The performance here is very polished due in no small part to the bandís active live schedule Iím sure. A couple other elements that spark the music this time include violin work provided by Eloisa Manera and saxophone and flute provided by David Jackson. It all goes to making the music of Not a Good Sign ever changing. While not a concept album per se, the songs are linked thematically. As with their previous release, this is a band that manages to nicely update the classic Italian symphonic prog sound and in the process makes it squarely their own. This is an easy recommendation to Symphonic Prog fans everywhere.