Band: Modern Rock Ensemble

CD Title: Night Dreams & Wishes

Website: www.mre.com.ua

Label: Modern Rock Music (2018)

Rating: A Symphonic Prog Tour-de-Force


This is the second album from Ukrainian musician and composer Vladimir Gorashchenko creating music under his band name of Modern Rock Ensemble. The new release is entitled Night Dreams & Wishes and it is a Progressive Rock tour-de-force! Consisting of essentially one seventy-seven minute mostly instrumental track the composition is made up of nine multi-part sections of varying lengths that once again tackles the subject of Good versus Evil. Over the course of this epic the listener is treated to virtually every Prog stylistic musical approach from Space-Rock to Jazz Fusion and everything in-between. The end result is a piece of music that weaves itís way through one musical thought to another, ebbing and flowing, shifting and changing all to convey the conceptual ideas laid out by each sections musical title. So while there are few lyrics that convey Gorachchenko concepts, we are given a literal road map with descriptive titles such as ďMotherís LullabyĒ or ďDespair, Fear & Hesitations.Ē So as with any good Progressive Rock concept album, the music doesnít just exist, it exists for the purpose of conveying the emotional content of the story being told. The overall sound on this album seems to emphasize less of an acoustic feel that was present on the previous release and places more emphasis on a myriad of different keyboard sounds. And as I say there is a little bit of everything here and when you put it all together it comes across as classic Symphonic Progressive Rock. In the interest of full disclosure, Iím reviewing the latest demo of Night Dreams & Wishes so some of it might change with the final product but what Iím listening to is really an amazing piece of music and I highly recommend Symphonic Prog fans search this album out when itís released.