Band: Marchesi Scamorza

CD Title: Gemini

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Marchesi2016

Label: PMS Studio (2018)

Rating: Classic Italian Prog that has a lot to offer


Marchesi Scamorza formed in 2009 and Gemini is their third studio album and a follow-up to their 2015 release Hypnophonia and their 2012 debut La Sposa del Tempo. The band, a quintet is made up of relatively young musicians and yet the music, which falls squarely in the classic Italian symphonic style, has quite a mature sound. Itís a sound that can easily be traced back to bands such as PFM, Banco, Le Orme and a host of other more obscure Italian proggers. The album is made up of mostly short songs that are constantly changing. Now it should be stated that some of these drastic musical change-ups may have something to do with the albumís lyrical themes of schizophrenia. It would make sense, but then the classic Italian style is based on this style of progressive rock; packing a lot of music into small packages under five-minutes. These are songs that are always doing the unexpected, building of rocking grooves one moment before abruptly shifting into something more angular or dramatic or pensive. And yet, all through these shifts in music is a strong melodic under current. Itís one of the things that makes Italian prog so interesting. At first I thought parts of their music was heavier that their seventies counterparts but on further listens I realized that had more to do with the technology applied to the guitars than the actual performance itself and I bet all those bands from the seventies would sound very much like this if they were making music today. Great stuff and Iíd highly recommend fans of Italian Prog check out the music of Marchesi Scamorza.