Band: Michaelís Statement

CD Title: Silent Creatures

Website: www.michaelsstatement.com   

Label: Independent Release (2017)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



Silent Creatures is the second solo release for German composer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Vuckovac whose musical inspiration was ignited by being introduced to the music of Pink Floyd at an early age. Coming to the conclusion that his solo compositions were perhaps a little too complex to fall under his original band The Night Patrolís output he went solo first with 2012ís Beauty of Sadness and now this release. As before he brings in other skilled musicians to help flesh out his musical vision, which runs the gamut of musical expression. Being a composer for films, Vuckovac is well skilled at creating dynamic and highly contrasting musical forms of expression and the music on Silent Creatures is a fine example of his cinematic approach. This forty-one minute collection is made up of eight compositions that are mostly on the mid-length side of things, all but two are over the six minute mark. The music itself is very layered, grand, majestic, symphonically orchestrated but with a decidedly rock edge and while itís not what I would call heavy there are certainly many moments of intensity. Songs will build with this intensity only to stop suddenly and move off melodically in another direction. Each of these pieces is made up of many different melodies, some complimentary some contrasting all of which adds to the musicís complexity. One moment the music will be heavily orchestrated with layers of keyboards, then it becomes quite percussive and then later still it incorporates little heard ethnic influences. The classical influences are quite strong throughout with a musical style that shuns the traditional compositional structures. There is no real sense of verse, chorus etc. These compositions flow where the music takes them. There is a lot to recommend here for fans of complex symphonic Progressive Rock. Itís the kind of music that has many musical treasures that are exposed with each listen. If you fall into that crowd I would not hesitate to recommendMichaelís Statement to you.