Band: Gordon Midgley

CD Title: Vanished Age

Website: https://gordonmidgley.bandcamp.com/releases

Label: Independent Release (2015)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5


One of the things Iíve always appreciated about the Progressive Rock genre is its ability to allow for so much musical variety. Take for example this album from UK based multi-instrumentalist Gordon Midgley entitled Vanished Age. Midgely, the mastermind behind the dramatic story telling band Treagleís Choice has gone in a completely different direction here and produced a mostly instrumental album that features music inspired by the classic mythological heroes and tales of yesteryear. It is, for lack of a better description, a musical soundtrack to a movie that was never made. Twelve tracks, forty-six minutes of music that is crafted with no vocals per se, instead there are short spoken word elements as if lifted off the movie screen designed to enhance the emotional aspect of the music. Unlike his previous musical efforts, which tended to be musically heavy AND vocally dense, this is more organic and at times even pastoral with more acoustic elements shining through. Now having said that I feel I must qualify that by saying there are still many dramatic moments with the heavy electric guitar sitting in the spotlight. If anything the lack of vocals has allowed for more guitar and keyboard interplay which again tends to create a more symphonic, soundtrack feel to the music. At times the music does little more than create moods, playing off simple arpeggiated melodies or stirring string-styled musical atmospheres. Sometimes the music is strange and haunting with layers of icey Mellotron strings set against a primal rhythm foundation. Itís a world away from Midgleyís other music but thatís a good thing because it allows for a whole new creative outlet to be exposed. Fascinating stuff and recommended to fans of music from bands such as The Enid, Karda Estra and 17 Pygmies.