Band: Not a Good Sign

CD Title: From a Distance

Website: www.notagoodsign.org

Label: Fading Records (2015)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5



Not a Good Sign was born out of the joining of two far more adventurous and experimental bands coming together with the express purpose of creating an Italian inspired symphonic progressive rock sound. This is their second album and it features ten compositions clocking in at fifty-one minutes and to my ears accomplishes their stated objective handsomely. Each of these songs offers up a similar level of musical complexity incorporating all the symphonic prog prerequisites moving from fast to slow, loud to soft, hyper to pastoral and all the while mixing in stylistic influences other than rock. While some have criticized the band as writing more song-oriented material, even if this were true, I donít see the harm as the music they make still incorporates so much angular variety so as to elevate the simplest of melodies to a higher plane. The band also infuses their music with all the correct vintage sounds and instruments: Mellotron strings appear here and there, classic organ runs, as well as Oboe, Vibraphone and even a Glockenspiel. Odd time signatures abound as well as classically inspired segments as the group weaves their way through these numbers balancing the vocal portions with the need to showcase their instrumental virtuosity and once again to my ears they craft a nice balance. Fact is From a Distance updates the classic Italian sound in many ways. It offers us a taste of some of the older frenzied sounds where the music is constantly changing but then shapes the whole sound nicely in a newer modern streamlined package. Iíve said it before, itís the best of old and the best of new. All in all I liked it a lot and would certainly recommend it to symphonic prog fans.