Band: Peter Matuchniak

CD Title: Destiny

Website: www.PeterMatuchniak.com   

Label: Melodic Revolution Records (2014)



Here we have the second solo studio release for Peter Matuchniak, transplanted Brit and former guitarist with the eighties British Prog band Mach One. The eleven songs, clocking in at just over fifty- minutes of music display his varied musical influences; a solid mix of short and long songs all built around some solid melodies, even when the music is constantly changing. Fleshing out the band line-up are a host of Los Angeles session folks including four other vocalists including Matuchniak’s daughter. You know as a musical reference point, difficult as it may be due to the varied nature of these tunes, I’d say mix a bit of Camel with some Alan Parsons and then for good measure drop in a little Pink Floyd. A track like “Product” [8:27] is perhaps the best example of Matuchniak’s proggy roots given its length and musical stops and starts or fast and slow parts, but even with the short tracks there is a strong arty feel. More so than on his first solo outing, I got the sense that Matuchniak on this release was pushing himself to create music that stretched out of the more mainstream formats. And while there are a few, shall we say, more typical or mainstream songs, even these display a kind of Arty sensibility – like the track “Spies” [3:47] that sounds like a song from a movie soundtrack and has some nice clarinet work. All in all I was really impressed with the music I heard on Destiny; to my ears a marked step up from his first outing which offers a lot of intriguing music for melodic prog fans. Well worth checking out.