Band: Ontofield

CD Title: “Sleeping With Fractals”

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Label: Independent Release

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Release Date: 2013


The beauty of today’s technology is that it can help execute the vision of a clever musician. It’s taken the idea of “one-man-band” to a completely different level. But let’s face it…some “visions” get “executed” better than others. It’s just a fact of life. That being said, John Graham’s vision with what he calls Ontofield is it must be said is – 20/20! The success of any solo project is measured by a number of factors; the level of musical composition, the level of musicianship and then finally the level of final production and in all cases the music of Ontofield excels.


Sleeping with Fractals is made up of six tracks, three of them on the very-longish side and three others under the ten-minute mark. The first track is a melodic quirky Beatle-ish tune called “Moon Handed” [5:00] and it serves as a handsome ear-catching piece right off the start; hummable and yet layered enough to keep the interest high. Track two “Sleeping with Fractals” [18:02] winds its way more into Pink Floyd territory at the beginning with electronic, industrial spacey synth layers that then morphs into the song proper which features a symphonic mid-period Pendragon influence. And certainly Graham’s vocal tone bears a striking resemblance to Mr. Barrett. It’s all good. It all works really well. Nothing is ever too heavy. Crunchy guitar riffs come in for a spell at the 5:00 minute mark, but don’t overstay their welcome and things morph back into symphonic territory. In fact it’s exactly what you would expect from a symphonic prog album, with new sounds and new structures aplenty. The compositions are chock a block with musical change-ups, layers of great melodies set up against some dramatic and extremely listenable music.


It’s hard not to like everything about this record as it doesn’t disappoint on any level of measurement. Fans of British flavored modern melodic symphonic prog will really enjoy everything about Sleeping with Fractals. The Floyd-Pendragon flavoured music of Ontofield will provide ample pleasure to prog fans of many stripes. Great stuff! Highly recommended.