Band: The Last Detail

CD Title: At Last…The Tale and other Stories

Website: www.thelastdetailnl.bandcamp.com

Label: FREIA Music (2019)

Rating: Great Sounding Blast from the Past



Now this is a trip back in time. Emerging out of the ashes of the band Ywis, The Last Detail wound up releasing three cassettes, three albums and one EP in the late eighties and early nineties. Here for the first time is a nice compilation of the band’s work entitled appropriately At Last…The Tale and Other Stories. If you were listening to prog from that era, this will bring back a lot of memories. Like so many bands of the time, the instrumental sounds really take you back, the gated drums, the DX7 synths, and electronic strings. It’s fascinating how so much Prog of that time mirrored the Top Forty chart sounds of bands like Simple Minds and ABC et al. This two-disc compilation is packed with over forty tracks clocking in at about 150-minutes of music. So there’s a lot of music here and all of it has been re-mastered and sounds really good including the electronic drum-machine pads that were so prevalent back then. Musically The Last Detail embody the sound of Prog of the late eighties having much in common with British bands such as Pendragon, Mach One, Quasar and so on. Much of their music stretched the bounds of shorter Pop styled songs as most of their musical output featured songs that were only two to four minutes long, but within that framework they really did a nice job shaking up the expected song structure and incorporating the more Proggy elements. This is a great time-capsule release and FREIA music are to be congratulated for helping to keep the music of the more obscure bands alive for new fans to discover. Great stuff.