Band: Kenyon Bunton

CD Title: This Guy’s Disguised this Sky

Website: https://standardtunarecords.bandcamp.com/album/this-guys-disguised-this-sky

Label: Standard Tuna Records (2019)

Rating: If you Enjoy early Strawbs you will Love This



I like the musical description of the music of Kenyon Bunton contained in an email sent my way. It’s described thusly: ethereal/symphonic/folky vibe. And that kind of really described the overall tone of these nine compositions. We’re looking at forty-three minutes of music with most of the tunes in the three to five minute range with two coming closer to eight minutes. First impressions being what they are the music of Kenyon Bunton has much in common with bands like Strawbs and Roy Harper. I say that because the predominant instrument is the acoustic guitar which permeates these compositions but also because of the very unique vocal quality. Then like those two other bands, the keyboards provide beautiful swells of symphonic styled orchestration often drenched in minor keys and chords. The music is haunting and melancholy not far removed from the early acoustic work of Syd Barrett. Far from being overly “folky” however each of these tunes is infused with an unusual experimental quality both in terms of composition and performance. One is never quite sure what to expect as tunes don’t always follow the traditional path: they start in odd places and end there as well. All this adds a very adventurous quality to the music of Kenyon Bunton that hints at the music of Avant Prog but fortunately for my ears avoids falling into that musical realm completely. The music of This Guy’s Disguised This Sky is full of odd melodies performed in ironic fashion keeping the listener just a little off-kilter. And I liked that about the music. It took me a few listens to get past the initial oddities to come to fully appreciate what was going on but they totally won me over with the Mellotron drenched “Summer Song” [8:03]. Good stuff and I look forward to hearing future releases.