Band: God Inc.

CD Title: Minstrelís Tale

Website: www.god-inc-music.com

Label: Independent Release (2015)

Rating: Good Effort 2/5



You know Iím not quite sure what to make of this release? There is something in either the performance or the mix that doesnít seem quite right to my ears. But let me get to that in a bit. First this is album number one for the quartet known as God Inc. however the four members have a long history in the world of music. As to the album itself, weíre looking at a full sixty-five minutes of music composed of eleven tracks including five over seven minutes. The band is the brain-child of guitarist and vocalist A-J Charron and itís his guitar work that takes centre stage most of the time. That said keyboards, while light do show up quite regularly. The overall sound or feel is one that takes me back to the early eighties and that time of the Prog revival. The musical approach is easily labeled symphonic prog, with plenty of dynamics and shifting time and tempo. Iím reminded of some of the more obscure bands like Tamarisk or Gothique. God Inc. has plenty of great ideas musically but they seem to lack conviction in the execution. There is a hesitancy that pervades the music that is felt more than actually heard. Consequently there are notes that seem to be delivered off key particularly in the guitar and vocals department. Itís almost as if the band was reaching beyond their abilities with this release. At the same time there is a consistency to the performance that makes me wonder if thatís what they were striving for. I do know there were challenges in the mixing department and that may still be an issue that needs addressing. I canít say for sure, all I know is all their great musical ideas seem just a bit hampered in the execution department. I always like to commend artists for braving the critics to crate music and thatís certainly the case here. I look forward to hearing the band mature in future releases.