Band: Eric Gillette

CD Title: “Afterthought”

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Label: Independent Release

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Release Date: 2013


I had the chance to see Eric Gillette perform with the Neal Morse band in Seattle some time back and so while listening to his first solo effort Afterthought I was not surprised to hear hints of that musical partnership. On stage and on this disc Gillette proves to be an accomplished multi-instrumentalist. While his instrument of choice seems to be the guitar he’s equally at home on the keyboards. On disc he’s performing with special guests Randy George (bass), Adson Sodre (guitar), Bill Hubauer (keyboards, violin, sax) and Daniel Eaton. Musically, like most first-time releases there is a little bit of everything from straight-forward bluesy guitar rockers to classic prog epics. 


Afterthought launches into action with the crunchiest of guitar sounds with the title track “Afterthought” [4:37]. In fact the first two tracks sort of embody the rockier side of his technique, and he’s definitely not afraid to rock. Then everything changes quite dramatically with “Lost” [22:15]. The guitar work is still omnipresent but with an epic tune this long you just know there’s going to be other stuff going on, and Gillette doesn’t disappoint. This is also the first track with vocals; it’s a classic multi-part composition that proceeds through many different musical change-ups. It manages to weave untold number of melodies together some of them coming back for a second or third helping. As for musical reference points, if you think of the work of Neal Morse and you wouldn’t be too far off the mark, especially with the longer or heavier tunes tunes. Each of these tracks features a good mix of heavy guitar, intricate performance and changing dynamics.         


This is a very accomplished first time effort, and one that will certainly appeal to guitar fanatics out there. I’d say if you enjoy the music of Neal Morse, Alan Morse, or Spock’s Beard styled prog Eric Gillette’s work will offer plenty of enjoyment. As I said guitar fans will also appreciate what’s going on. It’s good stuff!