Band: Alex Carpani

CD Title: 4 Destinies

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Label: Festival Music

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Release Date: 2014


This is the third release for Alex Carpani, entitled 4 Destinies and fans of Italian symphonic Progressive Rock will be delighted Iím sure. I certainly was. The musical line-up for this release features: Carpani (lead vocals, keyboards), David Jackson (saxes, flutes), Ettore Salati (guitars), GB Giorgi (bass), Alessandro Di Caprio (drums) and Joe Sal (additional vocals). The music displayed here is rich in the elements of classic seventies era Italian Progressive Rock and yet sounds totally modern.


Playing off the title 4 Destinies, there are four tracks on the CD, each thirteen or fourteen minutes long. Given the length, each track is full of complex musical change-ups as the musicians, play off against each other or join together in unison. Brief solo musical interludes are sprinkled everywhere providing transitions or allowing for a song to breathe and then go off in another direction. There is a skilled blending of the minor dissonant chords building emotional expectation against the major chord resolutions. The Mellotron pops in every once in a while to remind us of our symphonic musical heritage while the saxes and flutes tend to do the same displaying the jazzier side of the compositional pallet. The music will be soft and delicate one moment, perhaps piano and voice, or acoustic guitar and piano but then will open up in grand sweeping fashion with panoramic Mellotron strings or choirs. There is a hint of Tony Bankís keyboard style that pops up from time to time which only adds to the overall familiar feel of the music although more likely than not those musical elements are counterpointed with something more dissonant shortly thereafter.    


As I said at the outset, the music of Alex Carpani is best described as classic Italian Symphonic Progressive Rock and he has all the musical elements in place humming like a precision clock. You hear old or classic familiar sounds set against a host of newer textures, blending together to create a wonderfully enticing modern album. Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended.