Band: Star FK Radium

CD Title: ďBlue SiberiaĒ

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Label: Independent Release

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Release Date: 2010


Iíve come to the conclusion that we are living in a really exciting time for music. A time where artists are prepared to push the boundaries on the status quo and come up with some really interesting sounds. Itís that kind of attitude that gives us a band like Star FK Radium; a trio consisting of Bill Martin (guitar), Matt Clark (drums) and Alissa Taylor (violin). Similar to the band Gentle Infidels from Vancouver that I reviewed some time back, this is a band whose sole purpose appears to be to create a new and unique sound, given the fact they buck convention by maintaining an unorthodox instrumental lineup and craft solely instrumental pieces. All that said, itís hard not to see a band like this as falling into the prog genre, if for no other reason than they donít fit anywhere else.


There are nine tracks on Blue Siberia and as the name implies they all display a kind of melancholy and haunting tone. This may be partially as a result of the instrumentation but also just the nature of the writing. There is a yearning feeling that is exuded from the violin, while the acoustic guitar is plucked to provide an engaging melody counterpoint. All the while the drums provide the songís momentum. None of these songs is overly long, theyíre either in the three or five minute ranges, however interestingly a number of them do make some rather dramatic shifts in song structure, changing into something entirely different a portion of the way through. There are also many moments where the music is peeled back to allow a single instrument time in the spotlight.  


The music of Star FK Radium created on Blue Siberia is one that I think is almost a chamber rock style and as such will appeal to fans of bands like Karda Estra. Itís unique and even quite daring in an arty kind of way. It also avoids falling into a samey-ness trap; each of these songs holds its own identity quite well. This is definitely one of those discs you hold in reserve for when you just canít figure out what you want to listen to. It hits all the right spots in terms of piquing oneís musical curiosity.