Band: Kotebel

CD Title: “Ouroboros”

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Label: Musea Records

Label Website:

Release Date: 2009


Recently I’ve heard some bemoaning the state of progressive rock music in Spain these days. The general feeling is the genre isn’t doing that well there. Well what they may be lacking in quantity is in some ways made up for in quality. Take for example the new release from Kotebel entitled Ouroborus. This is one stellar disc of symphonic progressive rock! Formed in Madrid in 1999 this is Kotebel’s fifth album and what a treat it is. The quintet is made up of founder Carlos G. Plaza Vegas (keyboards) along with Adriana Plaza Engelke (keyboards), César García Forero (guitar, keyboards); Jaime Pascual Summers (bass) and Carlos Franco Vivas (drums & percussion).


To begin with let me just say I was really blown-away by this disc. Kotebel seem to have everything in the right place at the right time.  Musically Ouroboros consists of seven instrumental tracks, the last of which is actually a live bonus track entitled “Mystical Visiones” [16:22]. As you might have surmised with only seven tracks they’re bound to be long and involved…and you would be right. Let me try to give you my aural overview. Expect to hear lots of guitar and keyboard lead lines each trading time in the spotlight. While it’s true to call Kotebel a symphonic prog band, there are times where the music can get a bit angular, not dissonant in anyway, but certainly edgy. In fact there is a strong jazz-fusion undercurrent running through these compositions that manifests itself not only by the complex lead lines but also by the busy drumming patterns and burbling bass. But then there are huge swaths of majestic Mellotron strings sprinkled about. Compositions go from flute inspired bright and breezy to more aggressive moments. There are lots of notes flying around and the arrangements allow for a full and lush sound. Many of the tracks feature various forms of staccato musical stabs which form transitions from one musical segment to the next. As mentioned these are longer compositions allowing for plenty of musical change-ups. Each of these compositions sounds like it’s on the move with a different delicious musical motif around every corner. Overall, very symphonic with lots of keyboard orchestration, but then so much more.


Prepare to treat your ears because Ouroboros has much to offer. I think it’s safe to say that Kotebel have a winner on their hands. I can’t imagine a prog fan that wouldn’t thoroughly enjoy this record. It has so much to offer lovers of almost any prog genre. I like it. Olé!