Band: Frequency Drift

CD Title: “Ghosts”

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Label:  ProgRock Records

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Release Date: 2011


Ghosts is the third CD from the German band Frequency Drift and as such shows them maturing in performance and sound. The band members are: Antje Auer (vocals, violin), Sebastian Koch (guitars), Christian Hack (guitars, flute), Jürgen Rennecke (bass, stick), Andreas Hack (keyboards) and Martin Fox (drums). Over the various compositions the band also enlisted the aid of: Wolfgang Ostermann (drums),  Frank Schmitz (violin), Rainer Hartmann (guitars) and Nerissa Schwarz (electroharp). The music has an overriding sense of melancholy. The compositions display a haunting quality as the lyrics deal with things we may not be able to fully explain.


Ghosts  is made up of eight tracks, five of which are eight-minutes or longer and as such offer a classic symphonic feel reminiscent of bands such as Sinkadus mixed with Iona. It’s the female vocals and violin that offer the most Celtic references. When the guitars come in I’m also reminded of bands like Mostly Autumn. The band’s previous cinematic approach to composition has been modified somewhat this time around as their use of electric guitar has increased giving the music more a rock edge. That said they still employ many of the compositional elements that they’re comfortable with. They let their music breathe giving lots of room for softer musical interludes which enhance the haunting quality of the band’s sound. A song will slide from moody and atmospheric to a mid-tempo Pink Floyd feel in a heartbeat. The bios on the band have referenced an affinity to music inspired by sci-fi movies like Bladerunner and that’s certainly most obvious with the introduction of “Tempest” [10:02] where the band manage to evoke much the same sense of loss that Vangelis did while Rachel in the movie was playing the piano. The band makes the tune their own at the 1:40 mark kicking it up a couple notches with the introduction of guitar, drums and bass. This is a song that drifts in and out of your consciousness, a musical technique that Frequency Drift is very good at. 


Ghosts is a fascinating release. It is without question a disc that falls into the progressive rock category being part symphonic and yet so much more. The use of violin, flutes and autoharp certainly add to the musical pallet and yet it is the haunting delivery of the tunes that will perhaps be the thing that draws you in. Frequency Drift has developed a very engaging sound that will appeal to wide cross-section of prog fans. There is much to appreciate and enjoy. I’d recommend you check’em out.