Band: Days Between Stations

CD Title: “Days Between Stations”

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Label: Bright Orange Records

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Release Date: 2007


I recently received a copy of the self-titled debut release from California basedDays Between Stations and what a fascinating release it is. Created by Sepand Samzadeh (guitars) and Oscar Fuentes (keyboards) the two have enlisted the musical assistance of Jon Mattox (drums), Vivi Rama (bass), Jeremy Castillo (additional guitars), Kevin Williams (trombone), Jason Hemmens (saxophone) and Hollie, Jeffrey Samzadeh, Marjory Fuentes all on vocals or voices.


Days Between Stations features seven predominantly instrumental tracks including the albums closer an epic length 22:14. The music created here is an influence of some space-rock, some psychedelics, lots of proggy flourishes, a bit of Krautrock and even a bit of ethnicity. The opening track “Requiem for the Living” [13:26] opens with a kind of middle eastern ambience and Arabic styled vocalizations then at the six-minute mark the song shifts into a more up-tempo gear sounding a little like Pink Floyd more than anything else. The track builds with layers of synth ambience, strings, driving mid-tempo drumming and searing guitar lead lines creating waves of sound. That Floyd influence is also present on the next track, “Either/Or” [7:33], starting hesitantly and then launching into full glory. The track features a female vocalization that is instantly reminiscent of Floyd’s “Great Gig in the Sky.” But I should say the Floyd influence here is more than well incorporated into the band’s personal musical approach. There are many sounds working to create their own unique flavor. Tracks are linked together with sound effects and the sounds of people talking heard over ambient layers of sound sometimes accompanied by acoustic guitar melodies. The short linking track “Intermission Pt. 2” features some wonderfully fat synth sounds and that leads directly into “Laudanum” [22:14] with is made up of four parts featuring all manor proggy styled elements from solo piano to melodic saxophone. The listener is carried through the story, transported into the world of Days Between Stations.


This is a disc of changing moods and atmospheres, sometimes slow and moody other times up-tempo and almost radio friendly. These are longer compositions that are designed to create a mental picture and they do that admirably. There is something really captivating about the music created by Days Between Stations. If you’re into that Floyd style or bands such as Hawkwind, Air or perhaps Tangerine Dream, this is certainly a disc that will appeal to you. I really liked it.