You can WIN a CD?

Jerry Lucky Commentary February 2015

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I was originally going to call this commentary – “Is there anybody out there” – but in the end found the rhetorical nature of the question as well as the Pink Floyd allusion just a little over done. So I figured, why not get straight to the point. Here at the start of the New Year, I thought it might be a good idea to gather some superficial data from you readers regarding this website. I have come up with a few questions that with your input may help me refine what appears on these pages in the weeks and months ahead.


I have to admit, doing something like this is long overdue. This particular website started in May of 2007. Before that my online contributions were housed at the then popular www.ghostland.com  where my editorials go back to the year 2000. Wow hard to believe I’ve been doing this writing for so long. May of 2015 then will be my eighth anniversary on line as www.jerrylucky.com, not a significant landmark by any stretch of the imagination, but an anniversary none-the-less. Over the years I’ve seen the readership/viewership steadily grow from a few hundred at the outset to nearly 2000 at last count. And yet, over the years I’ve never specifically asked for your feedback. So I hope this works. Don’t let me down here.


Sadly I have not used a tool like research monkey, instead it’s a little old school, and I hope you don’t mind. But to compensate you for your time, I have arranged to offer some CD giveaways! Assuming at least three people respond I have three CD’s that I will be providing in exchange for your input. Note that each of these releases is a double disc so hopefully that is more than enough compensation to encourage your participation in this project. I will put all names into a hat and draw three to receive one of the following:


1st Draw receives: Landmarq – Origins: A Landmarq Anthology 1992-2014

2nd Draw receives: Saga - Sagacity

3rd Draw receives: Tiles – Off the Floor 02 Limited Edition


So here’s what I’d like to know from you….


1.    How often do you visit The Progressive Rock Files website?

Daily __, Weekly __, Monthly __, Infrequently __

2.    Using the scale (5 - important…1 - not important) please rate each of these pages.

Home Page ___, Commentaries ___, Reviews ___, Interviews ___, Short Reviews ___,

3.     Is there anything you would like to see added to this website?

4.    Is there anything that I should delete from this website?

5.     Have you listened to The Progressive Rock Files Radio Show?

6.     Any additional comments:


There you go six short questions that will help me refine this website and hopefully offer more of what you’d like to see. Simply copy and paste with your responses in an email on the Links page and I’ll be making the draw on March 7th giving everyone an extra week to get their responses in to me. I’d like to post the winners names and locations on the home page. Let me know if you’d rather stay anonymous, or are perhaps in the “witness protection program” and we can arrange to use a more cryptic “user-name.”


I appreciate you taking the time to help me out.


Jerry Lucky