Drawing a Blank!

Jerry Lucky Commentary April 2011

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If it was still April 1st…I could say it’s an April Fools joke but such is not the case.


Truth is…after dozens and dozens of commentaries…I’m drawing a blank.


I’d like to blame it on the move and starting a new job and maybe that’s a part of it…but there’s more.


Truth is what I was going to write about…it was going to be something nostalgic…required a letter that I received back in the eighties from a then teenaged Steven Wilson. Trouble is with the move and all I wasn’t able to find the letter. I’m still looking for it.


Then I was going to write something about how some people handle success…but that idea hasn’t been fleshed out yet.


So in the end…I got nothing!

Just being honest.


But in the process of doing this it occurred to me…of the seven to nine regular readers of this website…maybe you’ve got something to say. Well now’s your chance…if you’ve wanted to spout off about something related to the world of prog…send me an email and I’ll do my best to incorporate it into future commentaries.


But hey, please be nice.


OK..gotta run…I still need to think of something to write.


Jerry Lucky