My Christmas Wish List

Jerry Lucky Commentary December 2010

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Everyone has things they wish for so I thought during this time of the year; I’d share some of my wishes with you….


I wish…Prog musicians and fans would once-and-for-all come to understand that progressive rock doesn’t need to progress anymore. It became an established tradition way back in the seventies and while it still evolves and adds new influences it has already progressed to exactly where it needs to be.


I wish…Rock promoters would understand that ticket prices have gotten out of hand. Spending hundreds of dollars for a couple hours entertainment from a seat that may or may not provide a great view is simply not on. Of course the problem is there are just enough event-seekers who will pay the big bucks simply to say they were there.


I wish…Bands and promoters took better control of their household and put a stop to all the additional fees tacked on to concert tickets. There seems to be a fee attached for every permutation and nothing I do will actually save me money.


I wish…I could go to more prog festivals. The individuals who organize these events put so much time and energy into them that it’s a shame more of us can’t attend more often. There really shouldn’t be an empty seat in the house.


I wish…the major record labels would understand that their business model is done…finished …kaput! There have been so many changes in the past couple years to the distribution model of popular music that it just seems sad to see the major labels hanging on to the “way it was.” Come on guys, get with the program.


I wish…those who still think suing their customers for downloading music is a good idea, would get a dose of reality and realize that it’s now 2010, soon to be 2011 and no longer 1984. Whether you agree with the idea of downloading songs legally or illegally, that Pandora’s Box has been opened and it’s not going to be shut. The only question that really needs to be answered is … How are you going to deal with the new reality? Everything is changing…are you?


I wish…we could all realize we don’t need dozens of sub-genre labels to appreciate Progressive Rock. Having too many labels is a bit self-defeating…soon you’ll create a label for a band that is a five-piece instead of a four-piece and you’ll have what you think is a pretty well thought out definition; except for one thing…we don’t care. We really don’t need that many sub-genre definitions to enjoy the music.


I wish…live concert sound engineers were forced to listen to the show without their headphones on, then maybe they would hear what we hear and do a better of mixing the show so that everything doesn’t have to be turned up to “11” and in the process deafen us. Hey you…down there at the console…turn the bloody thing down would you?


I wish…we all take more of an opportunity in these tougher economic times to find ways of supporting bands in the prog genre. It’s a tough slog out in the music business in general, let alone in such as exclusive, niche oriented genre like Prog. The artists need our support…buying their CDs and going to see them live when we have the opportunity. Make a News Year’s resolution to spend just a little bit more to support those who provide so much enjoyment for us.


I wish…Everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

All the best in the coming year!


Jerry Lucky