It’s all About My Book


Jerry Lucky Commentary January 2008

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When I first set out to write a book about Progressive Rock music, it was with the idea that no one had done it yet. And so I wrote a book that was the kind of book

I wanted to read, to use and have in my collection; one that had a little history, that took the critics to task, that provided some perspective on the various styles, that

provided a definition and more than anything provided some kind of A-Z listing of bands to look for. So that’s the book I wrote and now it’s been seven full years since the

release of the 2000 updated version of The Progressive Rock Files. And in that time I’ve had lots of feedback about the book. I’ve read and heard many comments regarding its approach and content. Needless to say some have been negative but I’m glad to say most have been very positive.


Some felt the book didn’t live up to their expectation of what they wanted the book to be. Truth is it lived up to mine.

Some were disappointed that there was only a line or two describing their favourite band and they took it personally.

Some felt I left out their favourite band…Wishbone Ash or Boston.

Some disapproved of my overall tone feeling that I wasn’t critical enough of some of the bands listed.


Then there were all the others who for the most part I think liked what they read and took the time to let me know. Many of these comments were contained in emails where the individuals were excited about discovering that Progressive Rock music was alive and well. More than a few had been introduced to prog way-back-when and were once again starting to buy CD’s after not doing so for years. Here’s just a few of the comments I’ve received by email over the past few years from readers around the world:



Okay enough with the self-congratulatory messages…that’s more than enough ego-stroking for one commentary.


So, Where am I going with this, you ask…well I’ve asked the publisher to send me the last 70 copies of The Progressive Rock Files they had in stock and my hope is to sell them on-line through this website at a special discounted price. For those of you who do purchase a copy I’ll include my new Progressive Rock Genre Timeline. This chart neatly categorizes various bands into their musical sub-genre, showing the original influences and marking it out by the years 1965 through 2008. Oh, and if you like I can even sign the book for you.


Now some of you will be wondering if there won’t be a new edition of the book coming out to make this one redundant. Let me be the first to say, yes I am working on a new book, but no it is not a new edition of The Progressive Rock Files. I have decided to make my new book somewhat different. It will have an expanded A-Z listing but it will not have the history or critical response from before. (More about this new project at a later date) What this means is that much of the text, the first half of the book really will only be available in that book.


So for any of you who’ve already purchased a copy, I thank you. And for those of you looking to get the book for the first time or are looking to get an updated version, now is the perfect time. Because as they say…”once they’re gone…they’re gone.”


At least that’s what I think.

Jerry Lucky (1/6/08)